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The trendy interior includes large sofa sittings in drawing rooms and living rooms to add a comfortable sitting corner in your rooms. Home Hutch is a Dubai-established store that provides the best quality 6 seater sofa Dubai for adding a luxuriously comfortable look to your place.

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Our Features Of 6 Seater Sofa Dubai

Our 6 seater sofa Dubai is specially designed to fill up your space with a comfy and elegant look. We use the best sofa coverings that the experts fantastically stitch to cover the specific size 6 seater l shape sofas, these coverings do not catch stains, plus they are easy to maintain. The fabric of these coverings does not lose its shade or print. You can enjoy the new long-lasting look of your sofa.

6-seater sofa set cheap frames are specially designed to provide you with a limitless range of unique designs to go with every module of your interior. We claim that our custom sofas are durable with low-maintenance requirements. The most important feature of our sofas is the comfortable and soft foam for a plush sitting.

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Customized Six Seater Sofa Dubai
Classical Six Seater Sofa Dubai
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6 Seater Sofa Dubai
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Six Seater Sofa Dubai

Services Our Brand Offers For 6-Seater Sofa

Elegant Sofa Coverings

We offer an extensive range of soft and comfortable best-quality fabric, with a limitless list of shades and prints to add a luxurious look to your place.

Free Catalog And Sampling At Your Doorstep

Our experts are well-aware of the issues you face during online shopping. We provide free samples and catalogs right at your doorstep to clear your doubts. Call us and get these free sofa services.

Services To Update Your Sofa Upholstery

The professionals on our team know the problem you face with your sofa upholstery with time. We are here to serve you the best services to update the upholstery.


We Provide Online Services For 6 Seater Sofa In Dubai

Our brand, Home Hutch, is getting hyped because of the online availability around the clock. Yes, we always offer the best quality, affordable 5 seater sofa services at your convenience. You can reach us anytime for any kind of recliner sofa 6-seater services. We provide designer sofas, sofa coverings, online guidance, repair and maintenance services, and free catalog and sampling services on a single platform.

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FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the best-stitched designer sofa coverings to go with your sofa quickly. Place a call to us to get customized sofa coverings.

The price range varies with the design of the sofas. To know a specific 6-seater straight sofa price, call our professional team and get details.

Our experts recommend installing our extensive sofa set range in your drawing room to meet the plush sitting requirements.