Buy Comfortable Floor Cushions Dubai

Looking for comfort and style in your floor seating? Home Hutch offers a quality collection of floor cushions in Dubai. Our floor cushions come in various upholstery options and stunning designs for ideal sitting comfort.

Floor Cushions Dubai
Floor Cushions Dubai

Our Floor Cushions Dubai Offers Stylish Interior Decor

Home Hutch are the top floor cushion supplier in the UAE, selling only the best in-line floor cushions. Our floor cushions are comfortable with their premium stuffing and are stylish.

A variety of upholstery fabric design options let you match with your interior decor. Whether you wish for fluffy floor cushions Dubai or sink-in relaxing ones, our floor cushions fulfill both your style & comfort needs.

Reinforced Stitchings

The reinforced stitching techniques for these floor cushion covers help them maintain their shapes. They also resist tearing despite daily floor use.

Varying Sizes & Shapes

These floor cushions in Dubai come in different sizes and shapes, from square to round. They fulfill your floor-seating needs for exercising and lounging.

Floor Cushions Dubai

Contact Us For Affordable Custom-Made Floor Cushions

Make your interior and outdoor sitting areas vibrant with our customized floor cushions. With the latest printing services, we can create custom decorative cushions in stunning color options. Whether it’s a bean bag or a yoga floor cushion, we can print custom shapes, logos, emojis, and more.

Cutting-edge printing techniques

Affordable custom floor cushions

Our Gallery For Floor Cushions – 2024

Floor Cushions Dubai
Floor Cushions Dubai

Check Our Exclusive Range Of Floor Cushions Dubai

We have become a brand in floor cushions for diverse floor-sitting needs. At Home Hutch, you can find your ideal floor cushion at low market prices. We have moldable bean bag cushions with soft fillings for indoor and outdoor lounging pleasure.

Get the premium Arabic majlis floor cushion with cultural motifs for elegant yet comfortable floor sitting. For more flexible floor squatting, we have round and square-shaped floor cushions in Dubai. Our line of meditation and yoga floor cushions is built to offer ergonomic support for prolonged sitting periods.

Highly Durable & Aesthetically Pleasing Floor Cushions

Our floor cushions are more than just floor seats. They are the perfect addition to your outdoor decor and interior, built to last for 5+ years.


Washable Covers

The covers of our cushions are removable and machine washable to ensure their long-lasting durability. This makes them easy to maintain.


Anti-Slip Cushion Bottoms

For our custom-made floor cushions in Dubai, we add an anti-slip bottom for covers. This gives them more floor traction to resist slipping when sitting.



All the floor cushions are stitched with double seams using innovative stitching techniques. This ensures that they will retain their shape for a long time.

Floor Cushions Dubai
Floor Cushions Dubai

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Why Prefer Home Hutch For Floor Cushions In Dubai?

When it comes to floor cushions in the UAE, our brand stands first in offering premium seating solutions. Each cushion is filled with high-quality down feather filling and memory foam.

Experience the natural feel of wool, silk, and cotton or durable synthetic fabrics like polyester and faux leather. The latest printing technology allows us to deliver floor cushions with preferred prints & shapes.

Proven Track Record

15+ years of floor cushion supply service – having sold over 5K+ cushions & counting.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We maintain a 100% rating among our customers by supplying premium quality floor cushions.

Hassle-free Booking

Our booking systems are online 24/7 for your shopping needs. Get free delivery of cushions.

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Floor Cushion Dubai Reviews

Floor Cushions Dubai


When you buy floor cushions from Home Hutch, expect a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. This lifespan is with daily usage because all our floor cushions are made to last longer. These cushions are made of premium foam, padding, and high-quality upholstery fabrics. The removable covers make cleaning easier.

Yes, we do have all-weather protective floor cushions for outdoor areas like terraces, balconies, patios, and more. The high-end synthetic and natural fabrics are treated with color fade-resistant dyes. The additional coats prevent cushions from retaining heat and offer cool seating.

Home Hutch is known for catering to customers with reliable and fast services. This includes our 1-day delivery service free of charge. Simple call or email to book a floor cushion, set a delivery date, and receive the cushion at your doorstep. For custom-made floor cushions, expect delivery in 3 days to 1 week.

Yes, we offer the best customization for floor cushions. Connect with our design team to share your requirements, including dimensions, upholstery choices, foam options, and printing needs. Cutting-edge printing technology is used to imprint your cushion in emojis, pictures, and patterns of your choice.