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As a top-rated supplier, we are known for selling the best Rugs in Dubai. They are made from only high-quality materials with versatile designs.

Rugs Dubai
Rugs Dubai

Our Elegant Rugs Dubai Adds Beauty to Floors

We have the most versatile and exquisite collection of rugs in Dubai. These floor coverings are a true blend of functionality and style to provide your floors a stunning decor.

The use of premium-grade fabrics and hand-knotting techniques give our rugs a long-lasting beautiful appearance. Non-slip backing ensures that you walk safely without the risk of spills & falls.

Stain Resistant

We use specialized fibers treated with a stain-resistant coating to prevent stains from setting in.

Stunning Visuals

Our handmade Rugs Dubai feature intricate designs and geometric patterns catering to various styles.

Our Versatile Rugs Dubai Collection

Rugs Dubai

Sisal Rugs

Rugs Dubai

Shaggy Rugs

Rugs Dubai

Jute Rugs

Rugs Dubai

Persian Rugs

Rugs Dubai

Antique Rugs

Rugs Dubai

Outdoor Rugs

Rugs Dubai

Get Your Custom-Made Rugs From Us

Are you looking for customized rugs in Dubai at low prices? Home Hutch is the rug store for your needs. We offer the best customization for floor rugs. Choose from our 100+ colors, 70+ designs, 10+ fabric options, and custom size for your new area rug.

Fast Turnaround Time

Affordable Custom Floor Decor

Get Motivated – Our Gallery Of Rugs In Dubai

Get the inspiration to buy our rugs by looking at their charming appearance in luxury interiors.

Rugs Dubai

Our Floor Rugs In Dubai Last For 15+ Years

You are not just getting a floor rug from us that is elegant looking. Our rugs are made from premium materials and the best stitching techniques – giving them a 15+ years lifespan for unparalleled durability with comfort.

This long-lasting durability ensures that our rugs in Dubai are perfect for your high-foot-traffic areas like hallways, offices, and living rooms. Our floor coverings maintain their aesthetic appeal for a long time proving to be a cost-effective & functional floor decor.

Benefits Of Our Dubai Rugs

The low price of our rugs doesn’t mean we compromise on their quality. Each rug is made to offer the benefits of a premium product.


Fade Resistance

Our Rugs in Dubai are made with the latest cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. This gives them high fade-resistance to daily foot traffic.


Comfort Underfoot

All the floor rugs we make are made from high-end fabrics that ensure comfort underfoot when walking – available in different pile heights.


Floor Protection

By placing our rugs on entrances or hallways, you can prevent your expensive floors from fading. Call now to buy our functional rugs online in Dubai.

Rugs Dubai
Rugs Dubai

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Why Choose Us For Rugs In Dubai?

Home Hutch has been the top-rated rug store in Dubai for 15+ years now. We build our brand name based on our consistent provision of high-end floor rugs to our customers.

Our customers love us for our low rates & Grade-A quality of our rugs in Dubai. We have the best artisans in-house to make the hand-made and machine-made floor coverings. Our rugs feature stunning designs to become a statement piece of your home decor.

Extensive Rugs Collection

We have a wide range of traditional & modern rugs.

Same Day Delivery

Get your floor rugs delivered on the promised time.

24/7 Customer Care

Get excellent customer support wanytime by calling us.

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Client Testimonials – What Do They Say About Our Rugs

Rugs Dubai

Have Questions?

There is a simple method to determine the quality of any rug. Simply count the knots in one square inch area of your rug. If the knots are close to each other or the density of these knots is high, such a rug is of high quality. All the rugs we supply have high knot density making our rugs last for years.

There are many rugs that one can lay down to improve their home decor. In Dubai, the homeowners tend to gravitate towards Persian rugs. The reason is that these rugs are firstly handmade and secondly they feature eye-catching patterns in vibrant colors & elegant textures.

You can easily clean our rugs; all you need is a good vacuum cleaner with good suction power. Simply suck away any dirt, debris, and pet dander stuck within the rugs’ fibers. In case of stains and spills, do spot cleaning instead of rubbing. Use mild detergents to clean stains. Get professional cleaning every 6 months.

There are thousands of choices for designs & patterns when it comes to custom-made rugs. If you are looking for something chic and timeless, opt for Turkish, Persian, or Moroccan-style rugs. They have on them medallion patterns, tribal motifs, and abstract designs in bold & vibrant colors.