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You might be looking for a more expansive space just like a double bed. Home Hutch is a furniture brand established in Dubai and offers premium quality king size bed in Dubai at affordable rates. Our bed frame design range is limitless, and our team’s only motive is to add a luxurious look to your place with our modern designed beds at reasonable prices.

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The king-size bed is also termed a family bed; our stylish king-size immense bed is almost twenty-two inches wider and five inches longer than a regular sized-double bed. The beds we provide are made of the best quality wood and material. We are the team that offers an enormous range of designed bed frames so that you can choose the best design according to your interior idea. These gigantic customized beds are easy to maintain with low maintenance requirements.

Not only premium quality beds, but the experts on our top-notch brand also provide the best quality bed services at a single platform for your satisfaction. The services include repair services for the damaged frame of your king size bed Dubai to make it durable and new again. Delivery services for our products and services are fast and reliable. We offer medicated new-technology foams for your bed for maximum comfort and spinal support. We are always available, so you can book your orders online and get them at your doorstep

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Our professional team offers the best quality beds and services at reasonable rates; we also offer significant discounts to our regular customers to meet their needs.

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Our King Size Bed Dubai experts are always online to give instant replies and calls so that you can approach us anytime you need.

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Our brand provides you with a free catalog right at your doorstep. To get the also kids beds service, just drop a text to our team. Our team consistently delivers the parcel on time to meet your requirements.


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Home Hutch is a top-quality brand that is getting hyped in the entire United Arab Emirates because of its refined products and services. We have introduced a wide range of designs for king size beds in Dubai so that you can add a decorative and comfortable bed that fulfills your requirements. Our beds come with king-size storage space; we also provide you with medicated mattresses with the new modern technology to ensure maximum support. These mattresses help in releasing the pressure points so, making you relaxed and comfortable. Our experts provide professional repair services for your damaged bed.

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FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

king-size bed is almost twenty inches wider and six inches longer than a double bed; we also offer customized sizes to meet your requirements.

Our professional team is always available so that you can reach us anytime you need our services.

Yes, our brand is famous for fast delivery services in the entire United Arab Emirates. We deliver the product on time.