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Hard chairs are outdated for a modern interior design. People love their comfort level and add sofas and couches to their places. Home Hutch is a Dubai-based brand that offers the best quality, comfortable seater sofa Dubai with a luxurious style to be added to your interior.

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We Provide The Fabrics Seater Sofa Dubai

Our company has introduced a wide range of sofa covering fabrics to add more comfort to your lives. The quality of these fabrics is they are easy to maintain. The seater sofa Dubai coverings look unwelcoming if caught a stain, and it seems complicated to wash stains off from the sofa coverings. But our experts are here to guide you about the maintenance of a sofa.

We have launched leather sofa coverings because they are easy to clean, linen coverings because of their tough look, cotton looks durable, wool sofa covers to create a warm environment, and velvet seater comfy sofa coverings for a luxurious look. Our elegant leather and velvet sofa covers are the best-selling products, and we like linen coverings more because of the new collection of shades and colors we provide.

Our Products

Sofa seater
Sofa seater dubai
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Sofa seater
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Seater sofa
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Get Our Finely Made Seater Soft Sofa For Elegant Looks

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Some Features Of Our Seater Soft Sofa

Vibrant Shades For Sofa Coverings

Our expert team offers various vibrant color shades of sofa to match your home interior.

Trendy Sofa Designs

The modern interior module is in nowadays, hence the market demands new styles of single, double, and seater triple sofas to be added according to the interior ideas.

Premium Quality Foam

Our sofa set’s foam is high quality and provides comfortable seating.

Our West Range Seater Sofa Coverings

Our professional team offers the best quality sofa covers with a long list of vibrant colors and limitless patterns to provide you with a luxurious look. These coverings add glamor and decorating factor to your place.

Durability With Low Maintenance

We are sure about our products; they do not need a daily cleaning routine and even last longer with low maintenance.

Big Discount Offers On Our Products

Our expert team offers regular customers an additional discount on their every order. We also launch sales and deals on our products. Get our cheap 3 seater sofa set at a significantly discounted price.

Products At Your Doorstep

Save your precious time and order our comfortable sofas online; our team provides you with the product right at your doorstep.

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We Provide Online Services For Seater Sofa In Dubai

Our company has divided the entire team into different departments. Each department is loaded with different tasks but follows the same motive to provide you with the best products and services at affordable rates. Our best sofa seater set near Dubai is so comfortable and trendy to go with your interior module.

Premium Quality At Reasonable Rates

Our every product is of the best quality with reasonable rates to meet your desires. Our team offers other seasonal sales to meet the requirements of our customers.

Free Sampling And Catalog Favours

We offer a free catalog that contains our sofa designs and sofa covering shades and patterns with every order you place. Also, we provide samples for the sofa covering to maintain the trust level.

Why Choose Us For Seater Sofa And Their Coverings?

Our brand is the top-notch brand in Dubai that provides you with comfortable sofas, coverings, and installation and maintenance services of sofas under the same roof. We are saving you time by offering you all at the same place. Here is some extra service brief.

Professional Installation Of Sofas

Our experts also offer installation services to keep you safe from finding someone to install your seater double sofa. We are very professional in our services.

Maintenance Of Sofa And Sofa Coverings

It is tricky to get rid of stains from your sofa coverings or the wood; we maintain both for you. We use chemical-free cleaner sprays for sofas and chemical-free detergents, and expert wash techniques to remove stains from the coverings.

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FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

Home Hutch is a Dubai-based brand that offers single, double, and triple-seater comfy sofas to add a luxurious decor element to your interior.

We follow 152cm width, 84cm height, and 102cm depth for a standard size of three-seater sofa measurements.

The size of the two-seater is a comfy sofa that goes well with the modern interior theme and is adjustable at a not-so-big place too.

We prefer to recommend two to five cushions for a 2-seater sofabed with storage to enjoy a comfortable sitting.